Tło Lodz



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Late Gothic Holy Trinity Church - Grębień

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It was built around 1500. It is one of the most valuable and oldest religious monuments in the...

Museum of Court Interiors - Ożarów

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The manor house in Ożarów was built in 1757 and is built in the Baroque style. We don't know much...

KWB Kleszczów View Terrace - Kleszczów

Category: Lookouts

The observation deck in the town of Kleszczów near Bełchatów, view of the Brown Coal Mine,...

St. Birth House Maksymilian Kolbe (weaving house) - Zduńska Wola

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Maksymilian Maria Kolbe is the patron of Zduńska Wola - he was finally born in this small city in...