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Załęczański Landscape Park

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The Załęcze Landscape Park is one of the oldest landscape parks in our country. The park is located in three provinces: Łódź, Opole and Silesia. It was created for several reasons, but the most important are: protection of the Wieluń Upland and the incredibly beautiful section of the river - the Warta. We can observe calcareous outliers. Mount Saint Genowefa is particularly popular. Navy Sources are also noteworthy. There are incredibly rare species of plants here - some of them you won't find anywhere else. From mountain plants you can find, among others: calcareous clods and rock garlic. Fish in the park have excellent conditions in the park. Bats, which are happy to winter in the local caves, are also great here. According to environmentalists, there are about two thousand bats in the Załęcze National Park.


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